Communities, schools, and businesses have used The Rebound speaking engagements to inspire audiences, support outreach initiatives, and achieve their fundraising goals.


Motivate, Educate & Inspire

Our team has spoken at dozens of events, conferences, and film festivals around of the world.

Here are some success stories from recent speaking events:

    • After a wheelchair basketball workshop and screening at the No Barriers Summit, a recently injured young man decided to join a wheelchair basketball team and continue to pursue his educational goals, despite having recently lost his motivation.
    • Hosted by Napa Valley Film Festival, three athletes from the film and two filmmakers spoke to 1200 middle school students. The kids rushed the stage to receive autographs from the speakers after the presentation.
    • A wheelchair basketball team in Rockford, IL brought two athletes and two filmmakers out to speak to local city officials, school board members, and decision makers about the importance of adapted sport.  Directly after the event, the team recruited new players from these connections.
    • An Insurance Company brought an athlete and a filmmaker in for their annual awards dinner to inspire and ignite their sales force.


We believe in a more inclusive world, one where all people have equal opportunities to participate in sport, regardless of their abilities. Harnessing the power of film, media, and interactive experiences, we engage communities, raise awareness, and inspire change.

Meet some of our featured speakers

Each event is unique and we will work to pair you with the speaker most relevant to your audience and goals. We have had workshops, speaker sessions and Q&A's with filmmakers, athletes from the film, paralympic athletes and disability advocates.

Shaina Allen

Film Director

Michael Esposito

Film Producer

Jeremie "Phenom" Thomas

Featured Athlete, Hip Hop Artist

Mario Moran

Featured Athlete, Speaker

Orlando Carrillo

Featured Athlete, Speaker

Trevon Jenifer

Paralympic Athlete, Speaker

Ricardo Lucien

Featured Athlete, Speaker

Rose Hollermann

Featured Athlete, Paralympian, Speaker

Rob Egan

Speaker, Advocate

Marshall Davis Jones

Writer, Speaker, World Bridger

Topics we've spoken about

Diversity & Disability

Overcoming Challenges

Storytelling & Creative Advocacy

Vision & Goals

Speaking and Workshop Packages Available

Maximize your screening experience with a live speaker, Skype Q&A, or by adding a workshop. The athletes can coach your audience on the court with a wheelchair basketball workshop, skills demo, or 3 on 3 tournament.

Interested in up-leveling your event? Our team will help match a speaker from our cast/filmmaking crew for a Q&A, Speaker Session, Keynote Presentation or Interactive Workshop.
  • Ideas/Examples: 1. Motivate your employees with a team building experience 2. Inspire your students to treat others with respect and to always questions their assumptions 3. Educate the school board on the opportunities that exist for students with disabilities when adapted sports are accessible in their area.