Jeremie “Phenom” Thomas is an athlete, recording artist, producer and public speaker with over 50,000 views on YouTube.

His words continue to impact thousands of fans daily around the world. Through his music and athletic abilities, “Phenom” challenges society’s misconceptions of people with disabilities and pushes for his chance in the top ranks of the league and on center stage.

Jeremie Phenom Thomas of The Rebound and Miami Heat Wheels

Diagnosed with Spina Bifida at birth, due to a car accident his mother was involved in, Jeremie faced an uphill battle but always managed to rise above his challenges thanks to a strong family support system. Jeremie has made use of his God-given talents since the age of 6, when he received the alias “Phenom”.

Priding himself as an 80’s baby, Phenom was determined to make his own version of the “American Dream”. Performing at local clubs, concerts, parades, and rallies hosted in his hometown community of Pompano Beach, FL.

He was inspired by UW-Whitewater wheelchair basketball player Matt Scott, featured in Nike’s ‘No Excuses’ commercial. Jeremie instantly knew he wanted to play wheelchair basketball.

Searching for a wheelchair basketball organization was a challenging task, but Jeremie eventually received a call from his caseworker informing him that there was a team based out of Miami Springs called the Miami Heat Wheels.

Through hard work and determination, Jeremie made his way to the NWBA 2015 Eastern All-Star team in New York, helped bring his team to victory at the NWBA 2015 National Championship and earning the NWBA All-Team Tournament Award.

Jeremie is one of the featured personalities in The Rebound, a documentary about the spirit of wheelchair basketball and three athletes' journeys to overcome challenges in search of new opportunities.

The Award-Winning film has been at major film festivals throughout the U.S.,  including Miami Film Festival and Dallas International Film Festival, and winning awards at Cinequest and Brooklyn Film Festival, with many more to come.

Jeremie continues to play basketball for the Miami Heat Wheels, in addition to performing and speaking to audiences worldwide.

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Phenom on stage - Silhouette