Why should you care?

We empower communities to use The Rebound in impactful ways that support their goals.

Why THIS movement?

We believe everyone should have the opportunity to experience the life-changing benefits of participating in sport. We can begin to expand opportunities by focusing on one primary goal that drives us forward: increasing awareness.

Why focus on AWARENESS?

"Awareness is the greatest agent for change." The awareness created by The Rebound is a critical first wave in breaking stigma, establishing common ground, sparking conversations, and stimulating support for adapted athletics.

Why use a MOVIE?

"Documentaries help create culture, and culture leads change. Unlike shorter forms such as news and social media, long form documentary takes the time to build empathy more deeply, involving audiences directly and immersing them fully in the situation of others, prompting them to engage and act." -Doc Society

Why THIS movie?

With five years of sweat equity, collaborations, and community crowd-funded support, we produced an award-winning movie with a passionate organic audience. At 70+ screenings and workshops at film festivals, schools and special events, The Rebound has already begun to raise awareness, shift perspectives, and inspire communities.

So, what exactly are you going to do?

Here are the THREE main initiatives.

Grassroots Screenings

Community-hosted screenings across the world to create a wave of local, regional and national awareness and press for wheelchair basketball and adapted sports

Film Toolkit

Resources to help empower organizers to lead conversations and inspire audiences to take action

The next film and more stories

Disability is underrepresented in our traditional media. As a film team and community, we will continue to create engaging content about adapted sports and the disability community.

We're bringing like-minded partners together to create awareness and level the playing field for all athletes.

We're building a winning team and we want YOU on our starting line-up.

Here's what you can do:

Level 1: Become a part of The Rebound Movement by Hosting a Screening. Our screening partners are on the ground setting up awesome events, engaging their communities, and raising the awareness needed to keep the movement pushing forward.

Level 2: Become a Rebound Ambassador in your local area. This project has been and remains to be community-fueled. If you are well-connected in your area, the sports community, in an industry, or in the educational landscape – and want to do some outreach to potential hosts, sponsors or partners – this is how you can help!

Level 3: Sponsors, Partners and Grant-writing: We need all of these critical pieces of the puzzle to continue growing towards what is possible. If you believe in equality opportunities for all athletes, we’d love to welcome you or your organization to the team. Contact us today!



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Case Study

At the No Barriers Summit, The Rebound movie premiered and we hosted a wheelchair basketball workshop the following morning. Connor, 17, attended the film screening and then signed up for our workshop. He was paralyzed less than 18 months prior after being struck by a hit-and-run driver while walking to school.

After watching The Rebound, Connor learned the sport from players in the film. His mom wrote us weeks later about how his experience changed his outlook, motivated him to find a team, and finish high school.

In March 2017, we arrived at the NWBA National Tournament. To our surprise, Connor was the first person we saw as we entered our hotel. Connor and his team, the Denver Rolling Nuggets, went on to win the Junior Division Championship. He’s since been talking with college coaches about opportunities as a student-athlete.

"The folks from The Rebound have inspired and motivated my son and given us a new sense of what is possible for his future."

Heather Z., Proud Mom

Do you believe in a more inclusive world, too?