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Educational Screening Kits for school and classroom use

There are countless ways to use the movie in an educational setting - inspiring students, leading discussions, and improving your diversity programming - the possibilities are endless.

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Want to request a screening but still have a question or two? We're ready to help.

How does Educational Licensing work?

1. Choose the screening kit package that best fits you, and add it to your cart.

2. Fill out the licensing order form and submit payment for your order. If you're planning a screening event, let us know on the form!

3. Once your payment is processed, it's time to start planning. You'll receive the Digital Promo Toolkit in your email inbox to help you organize your event.

4. Time to promote your screening! We'll help empower you to do the outreach and promotion to engage your community with our helpful Digital Promo Toolkit.

5. Once your DVD or Bluray arrives, celebrate (and test your setup before your screening). Keep promoting until the day of your screening. Then, cue the lights and popcorn, and let the show begin!

Which educational screening license do I need?

Decide based on how you'll be using the movie, fill out the form and add the screening license to your cart.

Public viewing outside the classroom

Public viewing outside the classroom

For libraries, on-campus screenings for the students or staff, adding a diversity event to your school calendar, or using The Rebound in any setting outside the classroom - this is the license type for you.

In the classroom

In the classroom

If you are showing The Rebound in your classroom only or using as part of your class curriculum, this is the right type of license for you. Once you select your Screening Kit and add to cart, choose the appropriate “Classroom Edition” on the form.

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About the DIY Screening Kit

The Rebound Screening Kit is an easy-to-use resource for planning, promoting, and hosting your screening.

  • Screening Kit includes an unlimited public or classroom performance license at one facility
  • 75-minute movie on DVD or Bluray Disc
  • Discussion guide to help lead important conversations
  • Plus digital resources to help plan, promote, and host your screening

How others are using The Rebound

Disability Awareness Events

Disability Awareness Events

The Rebound is the perfect film to unite your campus or community around a common theme and is a perfect complement for disability awareness events.

Lead discussions on disability, diversity, and inclusion

The Rebound covers topics that many students and campus communities aren’t exposed to. Use the discussion guide prompts and information to empower your students.

Curriculum support in the classroom and beyond

Educators have been incorporating the film into curriculum related to adapted physical education, kinesiology, psychology, sports management and more!

Increasing awareness and fundraising for school programs

Student organizations at Temple University and San Diego State University have used The Rebound screenings to promote new wheelchair basketball programs on campus.

Ready to host a screening?

Join Team Rebound and hundreds of screening partners in creating awareness, motivating members, and supporting equality and inclusion in sports.

  • Host your own screening to educate, motivate and inspire
  • Promote diversity and inclusion in your community
  • Lead important discussions with your audience
  • Join hundreds of other community leaders and organizations
  • Be a part of the larger adapted sports movement

What Educational Partners Are Saying

Cathy McKay, Ed.D.The Rebound stands alone as an education and empowerment tool and also serves to enhance a wheelchair basketball skill lab experience or awareness event. The team at The Rebound is a pleasure to work with.
Cathy McKay, Ed.D.
Assistant Professor of Kinesiology, PHETE Program
Doug GarnerThe Rebound is an amazing film that would be a great supplement for any class...The characters clearly articulate their personal stories and the value of sport in their lives. This is a truly life-changing film!
Doug Garner
Head Coach, University of Texas at Arlington Movin' Mavs

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