Host a Screening FAQ:


What is the Grassroots Screening Tour? 

We believe in a more inclusive world, one where all people have equal opportunities to participate in sport, regardless of their abilities. Harnessing the power of film, media, and interactive experiences, we engage communities, raise awareness, and inspire change. We are empowering communities to use The Rebound in ways that support their goals.

  • Target of 500+ screenings across the world
  • Create a wave of local, regional and national awareness and press for wheelchair basketball and adapted sports
  • Film Discussion Guide and resources to help empower organizers to lead conversations and inspire audiences to take action

What are your goals for the Grassroots Screening Tour?

  • Audiences interacting with the movement online and in-person will be enriched by exposure to diversity, equality, and inclusion
  • The Rebound will spark dialogue, stimulate support for adapted sports
  • Increased opportunities for athletes of all abilities to transform their lives through sport
  • Previously held misperceptions fade because challenging conversations are now approachable
  • “Disability” loses any stigmas of “lesser than”, instead people are recognized for their abilities as athletes, people and as a celebrated community

OK, I’m in! How can I be a part of it? 

The best way to be a part of the Grassroots Screening Tour is to host a DIY screening in your local community or connect the right organizations to be involved with hosting. Click here to visit the Host A Screening Page.

How does the DIY Screening Kit work?

When you host a screening, you are organizing the event. It’s your event, so it’s up to you to choose the date, time, venue, partners, team and other details, then promote it within your community and coordinate the event the day of.

While some people do all the organizing themselves, we recommend putting a team together to help with planning, promotion, and most definitely support the day-of. Local sports organizations and businesses in your community tend to make great partners, and might be able to lend support and volunteers–a big plus!

  1. Choose the screening kit package that best fits you, and add it to your cart.
  2. Fill out the licensing order form and submit payment for your order.
  3. Once your payment is processed, it’s time to start planning. You’ll receive the Digital Promo Toolkit in your email inbox to help you organize your event.
  4. Promote! You will do the outreach and promotion to empower your network with our helpful Digital Promo Toolkit.
  5. Once your DVD or Blu-ray arrives, test your setup before your screening.
  6. We’ll send you a post-event survey to see how everything went!

How do I buy a screening kit?

You have two options:

  1. Most Hosts – Directly through our SHOP. You can add the product to your cart and checkout directly on our wesbite.
  2. Some Hosts – If your organization requires you receive an invoice to request funds, you can request a screening through the invoicing form. Someone on our team will respond to your request.

Where can a screening be held?

There are numerous options for finding a venue to screen the film. For the best experience, we recommend a local cinema, theater, or auditorium outfitted with a projector, screen and audio system. Colleges, universities, high schools, religious and community centers often have event spaces with audio/video capabilities.

We’re flexible though, you could host a screening at your next big special event, conference, local community center, or at your company’s annual meeting. Use your imagination!

What if I want to host more than one screening?

We thought you’d never ask! Contact us through the request form to discuss bulk discounts on licensing 3 or more screenings.

What does Public Viewing Edition mean? 

This edition allows you to share the film with a public audience. We also offer a Classroom Only Edition for K-12 and University educators who will be using the film in a classroom setting.

What if I want to show it in my classroom and with a larger audience in a school assembly? 

You should purchase the Public Viewing Edition, it covers both.

Can I show the movie more than once? 

Great question! You can as long as it’s in the same location.

What if I have another location or a friend that wants to show the movie? 

The standard license only covers ONE site location, however, you may be able to upgrade your license to include more than one location for an additional reduced fee per location. Send us a message via our contact page with details.

What is the Digital Promo Kit? 

The Digital Promo Toolkit includes resources we have created to help empower you to plan a successful screening. You will find great templates including a sample press release, social media images, faqs, and important reminders for things to do before you screening. The success of your screening is dependent on the work you put into planning, so use these tools as much as you can!

What is the Discussion Guide? 

The Discussion Guide is a curated set of resources to empower screening hosts to take the audience engagement to the next level. It includes best practices for screening hosts, discussion questions, facts and background information, take action steps for audiences and extended learning resources. Coming in February 2018.

Can I have filmmakers or athletes speak at my event?

It always makes for an especially engaging event when a film team member or featured athlete can speak at your screening. We’ve hosted live Q&A’s, performed on stage, participated in panels, delivered keynotes, and hosted workshops at all types of events coast-to-coast.  Speakers can be booked with your screening rental, and require an separate honorarium plus travel costs. Submit a request for a speaker or workshop on our Speaker Page.

Not sure how to fund that?

We recommend partnering with like-minded organization(s), local sponsors, or local school/university to help share costs. Framing your screening as a fundraiser can incentivize a sponsor, and ticketing your event or asking for donations at the door is completely up to you. You may also be able to apply for a grant, or ask your librarian to add it to your library’s collection.

With appropriate planning, you’ll be happy to see the screening kit’s cost coming back to you – in more ways than one. Here are just a few ideas to cover your event budget, and maybe even have $$ left over so that your time and energy are covered:

  • Ask for donations (Recommended donation: $10-25). Charging mandatory admission for screening entry is prohibited but donations are encouraged.
  • Find local sports-friendly sponsors who want exposure and publicity for their products or services in the community and will chip in for the kit in exchange for some promotion (“Official Screening of The Rebound Presented by….”)
  • Get a team of volunteers or a local restaurant to donate some food or snacks to give for free to bring added value to your event

Can I purchase a copy of the film to keep?

The film is not yet available for individual purchase, but we’re actively planning for The Rebound’s official release!  To find out when it will be released, sign up for our mailing list.

About the Film FAQ:


How long is the movie?

The total run-time of the movie is 75 minutes.

What is the film about? 

THE REBOUND follows the underdog journey of the Miami Heat Wheels wheelchair basketball team in their quest for their first ever national championship, despite lacking the funding needed to finish the regular season. Three adaptive athletes rally their team through the season while confronting adversity on and off the court, as the team pushes their way towards the title in the tension-riddled conclusion.

The story is a visceral portrait of the athlete’s journey to realize their dreams while facing some of life’s biggest challenges.

Watch the trailer here.

Is it appropriate for all audiences?

Yes. We prefer the version of the movie that includes less than 5 curse words because it is true to the story and the characters. However, we do have a “clean” version of the movie available for our younger Rebounders!

Does the film have closed captions?

Yes! We’re working to make the film as accessible as possible.

Does the film have audio descriptions?

Not yet, but we hope to soon.

What about other languages? 

Not yet, but if you can help with translation, please reach out.

Is this a true story?

Yes! We followed the Miami Heat Wheels for 3 seasons.

Why did you choose to follow the Miami Heat Wheels?

The Miami Heat Wheels actually chose us in a way. We had never heard of wheelchair basketball before we met Coach Cartwright at the dog park in Miami Beach, FL.

How did this project start?

From our Director Shaina: “In a dog park alongside Biscayne Bay, I met a stranger who quickly became a friend. This stranger was the passionate but frustrated coach of Miami’s wheelchair basketball team, Parnes Cartwright. It was Coach’s’ frustration about funding that led Michael to, without my knowledge, volunteer me to film the team. The plan was to create a short promo video that would show what this team was really about for grant applications and meetings with potential donors.

So it happened that, less than a year out of college, I stepped into a community gymnasium in a rough neighborhood of Miami. As I set up my tripod on the baseline, one of the players zoomed by me and yelled “Watch out. We’ll run you over”. Yikes! The game was fast, the players were passionate – arguing over fouls and celebrating each made shot; then it hit me: this is just like stand-up basketball.

This was not what I was expecting, at all. I was interested, very curious – but it wasn’t until I got to know the players that my passion for this team really came to being.”

Why did you create The Rebound?

From our Director Shaina: “When we’re kids, we’re told not to stare, point or talk about people with differences. As we grow up and become more aware of the world, we involuntarily continue to segregate ourselves. Yet, we continue to look out of curiosity. Hold doors for people in wheelchairs, because that’s the proper thing to do, right? We subconsciously wonder why they use a wheelchair, if they can walk, often before we wonder what their name is.

When I got to know the guys on and off the court and became a fan of this fast-paced competitive sport, I forgot about the differences, my perceived notions of what it means to have a disability – the feelings that would typically keep me isolated or make me feel uncomfortable. This story has the power to bridge this gap for the audience as well.

When making this film I wanted to give audiences all over the world a look into the lives of these incredible athletes and show that at the core of all of the challenges we face, whether we have a disability or not, we are all human. 

The Rebound is a story about a team and three people who continue to face challenges every day, just like the rest of us. It is real. It is human. And my hope is that it inspires you to question your assumptions, open your eyes to something new or to a stranger on the street, question your own perceived limitations, and push to places you may have never believed possible. I know it has done this for me.”

How do I host a screening of The Rebound?

We’re so glad you want to be a part of this movement we are creating. We’ve tried to make the process easy for you, start here.

Where can I buy a copy of The Rebound?

Right now we’re only selling Educational and Community licenses for The Rebound. It will come out on DVD, Blu-ray, and all of the digital platforms soon! If you sign up for our TEAM REBOUND Newsletter, we’ll send you an email when it’s available.

Where can I get those awesome shirts the Miami Heat Wheels are wearing in the film?

Yes! We love these shirts. The “It’s All About How You Rebound” shirts have inspired people all over the world. The beauty of it is that it can mean whatever YOU need it to mean at the time. They are available for purchase in our Rebound Shop, along with some rad Rebound hats.

Can I meet the athletes or the filmmakers?

Absolutely. We are available for Q&A’s, speaking engagements and workshops. Learn more and submit and an inquiry.

I have an awesome story too, can you film me?

As filmmakers, we are always looking for great stories and passionate donors, foundations, and funding to bring these stories to life. If you fit into any of these categories, we’d love to hear from you.

Still have questions? We'll get them answered.

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