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Jeremie Phenom Thomas - The Rebound Blog Series

The Rebound Blog Series: Jeremie “Phenom” Thomas

As a kid we all imagine being great – being a superhero. As the wheels turn and the clocks tick, super powers fade away because we lose the belief as the “real world” creeps in.

I remember as an adolescent at my grandma’s house playing in the backyard imagining I was Superman flying through the city, fighting evil villains. In reality, I was laying on my stomach across plywood atop of two buckets with a towel as a cape. As funny as it seems, our imaginations are prophecies of who we could become whether for good or evil. I’ve chosen to use my powers positively; I have X-ray vision of seeing the good heart in everyone, which can sometimes be my kryptonite.

Phenom Hip Hop Wheelchair Rapper

A few nights ago, I was headed to basketball practice and noticed I needed to stop and get gas. I’d usually put my wheelchair together, get out of the car and purchase the gas myself, but I was pressed for time that day. There’s a gentleman who’s always asking for change outside the store, so I called him over to help me out. I gave him $20 and asked that he put $15 on the pump. He agrees, and heads in to pay for gas and comes back out. As I’m pumping, I asked, “Where’s my change ($5)?” He replies, “I put the whole $20.” He hops on his bike and disappears as my pump turns off at $15.

I almost became a villain that day. I had visions of looking for him and running him over with my wheelchair. But then I thought maybe he hasn’t ever met a hero or even believe they exist, because villains and takers surround him.

It took a strong mind for me not to react in a negative way.  You never know what someone else has been through or is currently going through. Forgiveness became one of my superpowers that day. #SpreadingPositivity #SuperHero #ItsAllAboutHowYouRebound

What was your superpower today? Tell me in the comments below.

Jeremie “Phenom” Thomas is an athlete, recording artist, producer and public speaker with over 50,000 views on YouTube. His story is featured in the award-winning documentary, The Rebound. Learn more about Jeremie here.

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