The Rebound is a documentary about the spirit of  wheelchair basketball and the athletes’ journey to overcome challenges in search of new opportunities.



The Rebound Wheelchair Basketball Documentary - As Seen in

The film, 2 years in the making, dives deep inside the lives of the athletes while following the Miami Heat Wheels on their quest to rise to the top ranks of the league. “The Rebound” reveals the inspiring, although at times tragic, portrait of the struggle that adaptive athletes face to realize their dreams while adapting to overcome their biggest challenges. While learning to live with their (dis)abilities, these athletes manage to find hope and work tirelessly to create life changing opportunities for themselves through the sport.

Wheelchair basketball is an exciting sport that provides life-changing opportunities, but is often cast aside as just another cause or charity. This groundbreaking story explores what it’s like dealing with trauma, living with a disability, and experiencing The Rebound.

It’s not about what you can’t do, but rather what you can do that matters

The film is presented by Shaina Koren Cinematography in association with DNA Films. The filmmaking team is led by Director Shaina Koren and Executive Producer Mike Esposito, independent filmmakers and Co-founders of Shaina Koren Cinematography. They are joined by Executive Producers Nick Nanton, Esq., a 3-time Emmy® Award Winning Director and JW Dicks, and Emmy® Award Winning Producer.

Shaina Koren Cinematography presents The Rebound: A Wheelchair Basketball Story

DNA Films and Shaina Koren Cinematography present The Rebound

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